PINK LG phone

    Needing a good price on an unlocked LG KG800 'chocolate' pink phone.

    Needing this to buy for the lass after all the hassle we had with the first one we really need this to be a VERY reputable seller lol
    Think everyone might just say fleabay but ill see what happens.

    Has to be unlocked. :thumbsup:


    Hubby just bought me one from Carphone Warehouse under Virgin and it excepts Vodaphone and O2 sim card.

    Word from insider is that Virgin can't keep up demand for these phones and therefore they are going to Carphone UNLOCKED.

    Mine def is and when questioned staff at Carphone were reluctent but finally admitted it to hubby!

    Worth a go considering they are only £159 at Carphone

    Ooooh nice price

    Meant to add - it's a REALLY cool phone - I love mine - very girly with all mod cons!

    :giggle: ive got a k750i with a pink diamante cover on, but im not really fond of it, i like all these slide phones, and a pink one is ever better

    If you want to consider a contract my niece bough one yesterday form onestopphoneshop came with 8 or 9 months free line rental via cashback.

    8 months free on 12 month contract Virgin 30 (200mins 300text) (4x£30=£120 less £37 from Quidco).
    Total cost about £83.00 for year after cashback

    9 months free on 12 month contract Orange canary 30 (200mins 75tex). (3x£30=£90 less £37 from Quidco).
    Total cost about £53.00 for year after cashback.

    Her last contract came form onestopphoneshop with cashback so she’s comfortable with claiming cashback but some people find it a pain. In the end went with the virgin one, 8 months free but more texts.…nge

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    dont want contact, sorry to be so blunt

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    Dam there all out of stock at carphone warhouse, i forgot to say, virgin or unblocked is what i want.
    On that deal at carphone warehouse you were getting the phone for 159 plus 40 credit thats a good deal.

    Yeah, shame CPW are out of stock. Seems to be the only Virgin PAYG offer on that phone.

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    yeh dam blast lol
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