Pink Mobile Phone Wanted


    I am looking for a cheap mobile Phone on PAYG.

    It is for a 9 year old, so as long as it has games and a camera, that would do. Extra would be excellent but not essential.

    It MUST be PINK!!!!!!

    Thanks for your help,


    Pink sony ericsson W 200i on orange (has camera) £29.99 quote 10MOBILE and get 10% off so ends up £26.99 free delivery

    I got a little pink lobster from the virgin website a few months ago for £7 odd (using a £10 voucher I found online), I doubt it will still be there because it was a while ago but they always have others on it!

    Heres a Samsung C300 in Pink for £14.99…D5A

    What about this one? It's got a camera and 4 games.....and you'd be keeping it in the family! lol :-D…530

    It's a clam phone so it wont matter about forgetting to lock it and spending all their credit by accident


    Hi. Try this....Good deal I think... And its pink! … Hi. Try this....Good deal I think... And its pink!

    i have this phone, i love it, its easy to use..the cameras good enough and the music is quite clear. When i bought this ages ago for this price i didnt get those can also be used as a walkman, because of the has radio features and two games, but you can always dl more (tho i havent tried)

    so its quite funky. It depends how grown up the nine year old is mb, theres always simpler.

    Definatly worth a look i think OP.

    Let us know if you still need help or whether you've purchased one of the above...

    I am also looking for a pink phone for my young daughter, it needs to have a camera and also I would prefer a flip one if possible, I also need to be able to unlock it so I can put her on the Asda PAYG deal, the unlocking needs to be cheap as I really don't want to be spending a fortune of this phone and it's unlocking

    can anyone advise?
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