Found 23rd Feb 2006
Not sure if this is the right place to post this request, sorry if it's not. My daughter is on her 2nd Nintendo DS (pink) since Christmas, both have developed faults and had to be returned. First question is does anyone know if there is a problem with the pink ones as they are in such short supply? Second anyone know where I can get another one from at a good price? Other daughter has blue one with no problems at all!

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Plenty of silver ones around and a few blue ones but she won't settle for any other but pink!

Ah that's sweet lol There must be one somewhere, can't let the little one down

I think you need to shout for this request!

My Daughter has a pink one and she has play it to death, except it's not dead. It has worked flawlessly (touch wood).

We got ours at Argos before Christmas, no problem. I'll have a look.....

Here you go Argos DS Pink Console and Dashound Nintendogs £99.00

Has an essentials kit and another free game!!

*** Free game from selection below when you buy the Nintendo DS (567/8602, 567/9467 or 5679508) and essentials kit (567/8688). To receive this offer, add all 3 items to trolley. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other Nintendo offer. Offer ends 28th July 2006.

That's a bargain! Out of stock here, but argos do update through the night, worth keeping an eye on it.

Actually that worth pointing out in it's own right in the hot deals forum, I think.

you could always opt for the silver one and buy a pink cover :wink:


If your able to wait a while HMV have Nintendo Ds Console: Pink With Nintendogs for £104.99.

**Use the following promotional code for 20 off your order of £100 at HMV.
Promotional Code: VS0611
Total Cost: £84.99 delivered


They also have the Nintendo Ds Console: Pink on its own for £89.99.

**Use the code for £15 Off your order of £80 at HMV.
Promotional Code: VT1503
Total Cost: £74.99 delivered

The only downside is

Availability: usually ships within 6 weeks

Hope you get one from somewhere!!!

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Thanks everyone for your help, I have tried Argos they are out of stock but will keep checking, and will keep HMV in mind (I like the price!)

Hi, I happen to have pink DS that I managed to get for my daughter in the pre Xmas scrum. Only to have Grandma produce one first! It is sat in the box unused under my bed.
If you still need one let me know.I paid £100 plus postage on ebay for it. It was bargin in December.

yeah i was just going to say about ebay, i know my boyfriend had trouble getting me one before christmas in any of the shops so got a good deal on ebay instead, i've just looked and there's a few going on there now.
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