Found 13th Jun 2008
I've just came onto my pc and checked my google mail and other mailboxes and have been inundated with "Pink Patch" emails - havent opened any of them cos they are obviously spam of some kind but where have these started from - i seem to have received in the region of about 50 or so in a few hours. Anyone else getting these ???? Any suggestions to stop them??? Already directing them now to spam but they are a right pain

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not too sure about that but i got about 35 spam emails today, normally I get less than half that

i am waiting for an email from them (about 2 weeks now) confirming my cancellation I have just emailed them and hopefully will recieve a response one would be good but dont mind 50 as long as they dont debit any money out of my account lol

Aaargh im innundated with emails for "update your pen is" and "sexy blue pills" surprisingly enough some are sent to an email address only ever used for amazon ie. [EMAIL="[email protected]"]amazon(at)[/EMAIL][EMAIL="[email protected]"][/EMAIL] so looks like they sell details on! As have the pratts that are or at least where Redten (failed isp)
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