Pink Razr V3


    Im looking for a Pink Motorola Razr V3 phone (pref T - Mobile) but I know I can always get it unlocked if the price is much difference. Please note this isnt for me! its for my mum for Christmas. She had my old silver one but dropped it in the washing up bowl!!! I know she would just love a Pink one. This must be a pay as you go.

    Cheers ;-) Polly


    Have a look at Carphone Warehouse here.…nk/

    T-Mobile seems a lot more expensive than some of the other phone networks payg

    try this link.... £69.99 plus free make up set worth £29.99 plus free delivery to local store.…ery

    Original Poster

    Thanks for responding!

    Thinking I may keep looking at this stage though as it will cost £10 or £15 to get unlocked. I know she like to keep her old number on T-Mobile.

    Thanks though - appreciate it! ;-)

    :-( Been looking today for one for my daughter and carphone warehouse is doing one at 39.99 if you buy £50 airtime and lilac one for £49.99 not sure how much airtime, I think its too much will have to keep looking
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