Pink Ride on Tractor

    Help! My daughter is looking for a pink ride on tractor!? Do any exist? She is forever looking longingly at the boy next doors tractor and having her own will save a few arguments.... Thanks to any on who can help.


    i must say how cute!!

    but in my years of bringing my lot up i havent seen a pink tractor, but got me on a mission now!!

    an idea though do you know anyone that could spray one, as think this may be your only option!! but will have a look about for you, be very intersting to find one, only wish i had thought of that!! :thumbsup:




    Found the "pink junior ride on" one a bit cheaper £148. Still far too much for a toy tractor. My son has that JCB one, yellow suits him fine.:)

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    Thanks everyone and sorry for not replying earlier! I agree that £150+ is too expensive for a toy tractor. I will look into the spraying idea, or alternatively try to get her to agree to a yellow one. She is a strong minded two and a half year old though!!
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