Pink washing machine

    my friend wants a pink washing machine and does not want that SMEG on as it does not fit in to there kitchen

    so is there any other pink ones around please


    i will look. haven't seen one around but if there is then i would love it!

    wow how cool a pink washing machine i will be keeping my eye on this thread

    Whats with the pink today:w00t:


    pink is the new black ?

    pink is every girls fav colour. der!


    pink is every girls fav colour. der!

    hmmmm, I'd better go check downstairs :whistling:


    pink is every girls fav colour. der!

    no it's not der!

    hmmm pink is a colour i like, but not my fave colour.. would much prefer purple


    no it's not der!

    indeed :thumbsup:

    i have a pink one in pet society lol id love a real pink one

    Pink is the new Burberry

    OMG they are well cool

    I cannot imagine having a pink kitchen but I LOVE the dark green fridge that's in the Danone Activa adverts

    Original Poster


    thats what i had found but cant find any stock and wondered if anyone on here could…tml

    they will tell you if they are still in production and where you can buy it


    This very pink washing machine designed by Chantal Thomas called "Sens Dessus Dessous". On the left the collector with real silk and Swarovski ... The limited edition (300 only) for € 856. Available at ]Vedette Par Chantal Thomas
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