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pink/green anitfreeze, engine coolant radiator fluid?! VW Golf mk4 2001

Posted 31st Aug 2012
Hey guys, have a VW Golf Mk4 2001, 1.6l petrol, yesterday the engine coolant light came on, i checked the fluid level today an it is really low, looks like theres only bubbles in the resevoir

now i think this has been running pink anti freeze (G12) in it, i have jsut gone to the garage and bought 5l of distilled/de ionsed water and a bottle of Shell Premium Grade radiator fluid, this is a blu /green colour

now i read online that you are not meant to mix green/red as it can create a sludge that blocks your tubes and such...

can i flush my engine coolant system and use this green? is this easy to do? or should i go and just try find some pink anti freeze from a garage tomorrow?
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