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Found 14th Jul
I have noticed that there are pinned hot deals in the list, which means that they stay high up in the list even when other deals are getting more heat.

Is this a new feature as I can unpin them, but are they pinned automatically somehow as I did not pin them myself?

Is there a way to stop the deals being pinned?
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I've noticed that too.How do you unpin them?
waynexyzxxx1 h, 57 m ago

I've noticed that too.How do you unpin them?

Press on the eye next to it
If you remove cookies then they come back, no way of stopping them at all. Thread on feedback on it.
rev611 h, 56 m ago

Press on the eye next to it

come on people - clearly an eye with a strikethrough!
they made it so simple you dont even need to read to be able to understand
unfortunately still need that tiny fragment of thought though...

disagree with many of the pinned items though - some are absolute crap getting false heat
cheers guys. i just thought it was something i did accidentally somehow or a setting that I have which pins them but it would appear that they are pinned by the site.

guess i just have to unpin them myself.
There should be an option to prevent pinned items from showing - come on, fix it as I don't want to see the same items at the top of the list!
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