Pioneer 112

    Looking at replacing my old 109 and wondered what was the best price i could get one of these for, as funds are a bit low. Also would prefer to buy from somewhere reputable that people of bought from and been happy with them.:)


    Hi, I assume you mean the 112 DVD/RW drive?. Nowhere i know of have any deals on these at the moment and they all seem to be around the £25 mark at all the big reputable dealers online.

    To be honest, if you're old drive is working i wouldn't bother upgrading it until it gives up the ghost as there won't be any noticeble difference really.

    APR media £22 delivered 5% discount in voucher section and there is a diffrence especially in the type of disc to burn from the 109 to the 112

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    Sorry Syzable yes that was the one i were refferring to.My 109 is having a few problems reading and has never gave great quality burns from new.I use TY discs so i know it is not a media issue.


    I did look at them on APR media but forgot to mention earlier that i would prefer the silver one which is out of stock.

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    Looks like i will just have to wait for them to come back in stock if there are no better deals.:)

    svp has them

    and amazon.

    i used amazon as i had some voucherS!

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    Thanks anyway but amazon is a bit dearer than svp,i think i will wait for them to arive in stock.:)

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    Thanks for the link but [COLOR="SandyBrown"]SORRY SOLD OUT [/COLOR] so will still have to wait.
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