Pioneer CD Decks plus mixer

Found 12th Oct 2008
Anyone know of any good deals on the Pioneer cdj's 1000s ??
(the ones that all the clubs are using now, the blue bit in the middle spins around)

or if anyone knows of any other great cd decks that are cheaper and do just the job please let me know

looking to spend around 1000

wouldnt mind getting a nice stereo so i can link it thru lol

thanks for any help folks
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just seen the price of the 1000's.....hahah

id be lucky to get one deck
Why not go for a computerised setup running traktor or something?

I thot about it, but if im going into clubs ill need the experience on the cdj's
Actually the mark 1 pioneers Cd'j look not that bad

wonder what the advantages of getting the new ones would be...or would the differnece just be like between the 1200 and 1210 techincs turntables...hardly anything !!
Have you looked on ]Hard To Find, they do a price match promise
thats a pretty good price robsrocket
going into clubs??? Have u had any dj experience at all as I have had 11 years and it ain't that simple to just wall into a djing career.
Iv got 10 years behind me on Technics 1210 and 1200's, iv played in about 12 different clubs in the east of scotland lol

Yep.....iv certainly got some experience mate lol

playing uplifting trance...best music...Armin Van Buuren is my fav !

Iv never played on CD decks before....omly a **** 50 quid set....which wasnt good

these Pioneer babys are what all the clubs are using now, i should pick it up pretty quickly
technics are better and prob best for you as the platter actually spins like a real 1210 does and look freaking awesome http://img3.musiciansfriend.com/dbase/pics/products/7/8/6/291786.jpg
If they're for home use, the Denon DN-S3500 are amazing value for money (many prefer them to the Pioneers).

If you're playing in clubs, then it's usually best to stick to Pioneers as they're the industry standard... Have you looked at the CDJ800s or even the newer CDJ400s?
I was told by ellaskins on you tube to have a look at those ones...the 800 and 400

ill have a look now that im home
try the cdj 400s, ive just ordered 2 off [url]www.avsl.co.uk[/url] £790 delivered!
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