Pioneer PDA-V100 Upscaler/SKY HD

Found 23rd Feb 2009
Please general public I really need some advice.

I have SKY HD coming soon to connect to my Pioneer Plasma PDP 436-RXE. Along side this I have a Jamo A102 dvd/reciever with the matching surround sound. Now........
....I only have one HDMI connection and would use this with the SKY box and was looking to increase the number of connections by an automatic switcher when I cam across the PIONEER PDA-V100 upscaler. Seems ideal to make it all neat and tidy as opposed to a little swither box on the back of SKY. I have tried to look for reviews and found it all very mixed. Popped to Shasonic (Tottenham Court Rd- London) and they said great bit of kit and would work great. Will this upscale non HD content, and I have heard and read that the telly already has the upscaling power and this may even derease the image. Or is there a reciever that upscales with all of the tricks and outputs of the PDA-V100 with an HDMI. I am at the moment running a scart from SKY + to TV and am looking for an improvement in all round picture quality once the new box arrives and don't want to waste money on something I do not need but just looks good.

I really do appreciate any advice. Huge thanks all round. Nik.
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