Pipex - any existing broadband user want £20 for referring me?

    I am signing up for Pipex business broadband and noticed in sign up screen that myself and a referrer get £20 squid credit if I am referred. All I need is your username and phone number - please PM me with your details and I'll put your details into the web form. First come first served!!


    Don't think you are allowed to ask for referals here I'm afraid ;-)

    I thought Pipex were really bad?

    Original Poster

    Cheers Giles!! lol

    im movin from pipex to tiscali.. its all da same comp.. but more features ini

    And both suck lol, AVOID AVOID AVOID!

    Or get throttled down a lot and get less speed than available on your line

    I'm with bulldog, bought out by pipex, now bought out by Tiscali and i am running as fast as i can from them........

    wouldn't touch pipex with a barge pole, they screwed us over big time, and there customer service is appauling

    I'm with PIPEX and will refer you if you want :thumbsup:

    I have found the service Ok in general, no better or worse than any other ISP.

    BUT last time I refered a friend I had to phone them 10 times over 8 months to get the money credited to my account. My friend gave up eventually, but I persisted and eventually got the credit. Same message every call - promise the money would be in the account next month, don't know what happened last month, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!!!

    I will PM you my details if you still want to go ahead.
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