Hello, we have been waiting for about 2 years to cancel our broadband with pipex due to ridiculously low speeds and quite a lot of down time, we rang 5 months ago before we moved house and asked could we cancel and they said no we have to wait until december, now its december we rang again and now there saying we have to wait until august next year as when we moved house (everything was just carried over) they put us in another 12 month contract without telling us, anything we can do?


    demand that they provide proof you agreed to a new 12 month contract on the moving home.

    check out the ts and cs for moving home, legally they cannot enter you into a new contract without your permision

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    Cant seem to find anything in there t&c

    cancel the dd, they'll moan a bit and then cancel ur net, thats what we had to do

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    whats the dd

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    Oh direct debit, how long after that will they cancel my account?

    they cant put you into a new contract....thats out of order, the contract should start from when you took the agreement out
    if they have started a new contract without your consent then there breaking the law

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    So should i phone them and tell them that?

    Yes and tell them what they have done is breaking the rules !! They have to inform you of the new 12 month contract at the time of the call.
    If they didnt tell you this then they have no leg to stand on, after 12 months you should have been able to cancel (or was it a 24 moth contract, which i dont think it would be), why did you not do this and why was it carried on for another year?

    Just because you moved house, in no words does that mean they can renew the 12 months agreement! The agreement doesnt start from the time you move house, that means that if you move house 4 times a year that you have to stay another...and another etc 12 months....NO!, it starts from when you accept the new terms for the agreed time till you can cancel !

    Get on the blower and give them what for !

    The only problem is if you cancel the dd pipex can reinstate this to recover money,yeah i no it's wrong but i had this with british gas,i was moving suppliers and cancelled the dd after my last payment went out so they couldn't take any more from me.I checked my bank one day and they reinstated this and took £90 odd from my account i rang them up and was told thats what i owed on my account when it closed.I rang the bank kicking off over it and was told by the bank{natwest} if i read the small print on a dd it states that this can be reinstated to recover money owing.Now i never knew this but thats what the bank told me and there was nowt i could do about it.

    Also another thing that pipex could and will do is put a marker on your line to stop you getting another broadband supplier untill money is paid thats owing to them.I've seen this done before from these muppets that call themselves bb suppliers and they never even lifted the flag once the bill was paid the people concerned had to fight for months to get this lifted
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