Pipex Internet sold to...... Tiscali

Found 13th Jul 2007
Will Pipex get better or worse, I wonder?
The deal is subject to shareholder approval and competition clearance.

VNU net mention that Freedom2Surf and Nildram are part of the deal, but do not mention Bulldog.


The subsidiaries being sold to Tiscali are: Switch2 Telecoms Limited, Pipex Homecall Limited, Toucan Residential Limited, Pipex Internet Limited and Toucan Residential Ireland Limited.
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I really hope not...Freedom2surf fairly went down when they were bought over by Pipex, Tiscali are even worse.

Abandon all hope Ye who be tied in !!!!!:-(

Tiscali are the worst joke of an ISP on the planet.As an ex-Tiscali customer who had 4 months of pure hell (without an Internet connection I was charged and paid for) trying to leave them.I think it sucks for anyone now tied in with them via Pipex contracts.I think if your ISP is taken over your contract should become null & void and you should be allowed to leave them if you wish.I still have nightmares about the crappy connection speeds,constant dropouts and the hours on the phone to India on hold just waiting to hear those golden words 'this is not my department sir !'.
I'm an ex-Tiscali customer as well which is they way I plan on keeping it - I don't expect much from an internet connection, I just want consistent pings. I don't use p2p software nor much downloading but find it frustrating when I'm getting pings so high I can't even browse internet pages and gaming is often well out of the question.

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