PIPEX users (Manchester area) Can U assist please?

    I feel there might be a proxy problem at Pipex' side of things, because I keep getting this message when I access…tml (and all other rapidshare links).…jpg

    A tracert to shows a timeout at

    If I put a "www." before "rapidshare" I can access the site (and all links to files) but the site doesn't quite show up properly although I can download files, eventually.

    So could I ask anyone using Pipex in the Manchester area to try…tml the above link and let me know what shows up for you please?

    I've emailed Pipex tech support but don't want to wait 48 hours for a reply, which probably wouldn't answer the query anyway.



    I'm on Bulldog Manchester, but i am sure it's now part of pipex.
    I've clicked on the link you sent, and all seemed fine
    Took a screen shot of the .zip file they suggest you check the status off and uploaded the pic, back to rapidshare for you

    Not sure if that's what you wanted.....if not, ask and i'll try

    Original Poster

    Thanks fore the reply boydent999

    Here's what happened when I clicked your link

    See my problem?

    I can open the jpeg if I change your URL though, but thanks anyway

    You changed any proxy settings on your pc by any chance?
    Is there any other test i can do?

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    It's not my PC.

    Like you I use Firefox and the same happens using IE. Not only that, but it's the same on my backup PC (WinXP), backup laptop (WinXP) and main laptop (Vista Home), tested using FF and IE.


    Is there any other test i can do?

    I don't think so, unless you have time to do a tracert to RS and see if you travel through the same hops as I do

    Start > Run then type tracert

    Thanks again

    Just tried that, but:

    a) I don't go down the pipex trace, it's bdsl
    b) i don't get a trace complete, so i keep running it, but the dos window disappears.....
    I'll grab a screen grab before it ends.....

    There is a bit more once it's run to what is my screen grab, but it does to frankfurt mind...


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    Listen, thanks very much for your help. It's almost certainly a proxy reroute in the pipex network.

    I have to go offline now. I've the daunting task of photographing Katie Price at Derby House Saddlery :oops:

    Later :roll:

    Ok Hope you get sorted, not with Katie mind lol

    Original Poster

    Thanks mate. Rep left. I never realised how short KP actually is.. still, the 2 hours queuing were worth it for the look on my lass's face

    Original Poster


    ... It's almost certainly a proxy reroute in the pipex network...

    Actually now looking more and more like the front-end at I've dropped them a line and expect a reply shortly.

    In the meantime are there any other Pipex members who could try the link I posted in the OP please? See what you get?
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