Pixel 1 battery issue/not working properly - pixel 2

Found 2nd Aug
I got a pixel when they first came out, so October 2016 from Carphone warehouse, for a while the power button has been a little unresponsive, and of course after almost 2 years the battery has deteriorated, it can over heat or just drain down. I checked the warranty and the button was covered so took it in to CPW to see what they said. It turns out the button was covered but also unlike most brands the battery also has a 2 year warranty. Either way they sent it off for repair and within a week I got a message saying it was ready. When I picked it up they didn't fix it, just gave me a pixel 2 instead and cost me nothing. Hopefully this will help someone, if you have one and have been wondering or just thought I'll wait till I can upgrade, maybe it's worth a shot. I was going to wait but very pleased with my outcome.
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