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Found 14th Jan
Hi All.

I have recently upgraded my phone to the Mate 10 pro, as my carrier does not stock the pixel 2 directly. This was an important factor for me when upgrading as I get a discount on my monthly bill. Unfortunately this is not applied if I buy non-direct, so after researching I opted for the mate 10 pro.

It recently arrived and I have to say that initially I am happy with what the device has to offer, but I noticed immediately the difference in screen size from my Xperia Z5, which I have struggled to get used to. I am wondering if others that moved over to a larger phone screen felt like this at first, and if they soon overcame it, or they wanted to go back to a smaller screen when the next upgrade date came around? I didn't think that this would be an issue when ordering as the device itself is not a great deal larger then the Z5, but I didn't take into consideration the fact that the mate 10 pro is practically all screen!

I am currently still in my cool-off period and am able to return the device (right now I am still using my Z5) so am looking to seek any advice on whether or not I should stick with the mate 10 pro and try to get used to the screen size, or return it for a pixel 2 and sacrifice my tarriff discount for that phone.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. To be honest, even without the discount the tarriffs are similar so it comes down to which device would be more suitable.
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wayners41 m ago

Pixel 2 for the camera

The camera on the mate 10 pro is really impressive as well. On dxomark, for just photos and excluding video, it actually scores a point higher than the pixel 2. I don't use video very often so that's not really a factor for me. That said I take your point, and reviews all tend to favour the pixel 2 for how the images turn out in a lot of modes. I'm more bothered about screen size, and if people tend to get used to the larger screen or resent it and change back to a smaller model as soon as they can! The pixel also has the advantage of getting the updates rolled out quicker than any other device too
I'm a xiaomi man.. Mi max 3 is going to be 7 Inch.. But all the android podcasts I listen to talk about pixel as being the best all round phone. I hear that HTC get over looked although they make great phones. Flip a coin I guess.. Feels that way
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