Pixel 6 Pro - Screen Replacement / Fingerprint sensor issue.

Posted 16th Nov 2022
I have recently had to replaced the screen on my Pixel 6 Pro, after I dropped it by accident,

The new screen is perfect in everyway with exception of the fingerprint sensor, that is no longer working.

As a result, what are my options to get it working again ?

For reference

A) Phone is not insured / covered in any way with exemption of original warranty, which doesn't cover accidently damage.
B) Screen was replaced by local company, as result I don't know if the screen is genuine OEM part or a third party part and as a result would have to assume it is the latter.
C) I have factory reset the phone and it makes no difference to my situation, if anything It made the situation worse.
The fingerprint sensor now no longer shows as option in the menu, where as before it was an option but just didn't read image off the sensor when I went to calibrate my finger print.
D) I have run " fingerprint calibration software " tool on google site, however it fails with what seems to be fairly common error of " Couldn't find the unique calibration software for device ".

Based on the above, as far as I can see my only option would be to get screen replaced again, this time by partnered business of google. In hope that the current hurdle is the " google calibration tool " and it in effect blocking calibration/install process by detecting the difference between third-party screen vs genuine OEM screen ?
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    It was likely an unofficial screen so no fingerprint scanner. There's nothing you can do other than getting an official screen. And Google may be awkward about that now it's already been opened by an unauthorised third party and running with non-genuine parts.

    At this point you're probably best off just accepting it no longer has that feature and doing without... Or selling it to somewhere like Music Magpie or CeX and upgrading to a new phone if you really want this back.

    It should pass the testing at the likes of CeX since Android has removed the feature from the menu. So it's now just missing rather than non-working.
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    Should have gone through Google. They have authorised repair centres, one of the reasons I got a pixel
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    If it’s anything like the iPhone then it’s tied to the phone, the phone repair shop should have transferred over your original fingerprint sensor along with the new screen. 

    Without the original you’re out of luck. Although I’ve heard some phone manufacturers are enabling you to download some of their software and config it so it’ll work again. 
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