Posted 25th Nov 2022 (Posted 7 h, 9 m ago)
torn between the two.

with EE friends and family discount I can get the 256gb pixel 7 for £29.40 a month with unlimited data (limited to 100mps) with no upfront. I had the pixel 4a 5G and loved the astrophotography mode. also as I'm with EE, a bit easier with no PAC codes etc.

However I do like using emulators on my phone and historically Mali GPUs struggle a bit here, with the s21 FE and it's sd888 processor it would work better, and dex means I could get quite the little emulation machine going. I can get the 256gb for £29 a month no upfront with o2 with 200gb of data.

both will be supported up to android 16 and security updates until 2027 (though the FE is beginning of 2027)

anyone used both that can give some insight
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    Sounds like it's a battle between using astrophotography mode on the Pixel 7 vs using emulators on the S21 FE.

    Which do you see yourself using more? I think both are great phones.
    Perfectly summarised! As cool as astrophotography mode is, it is pretty weather dependent, while I can pick up a game whenever I'm on the sofa. But I've been with orange/EE for the last 20 years, so no idea if o2 are any good!
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