Posted 20th Aug 2022 (Posted 8 h, 43 m ago)
I have a Samsung s20 (about 2 years old now) and over the past month it has been a nightmare as people can't hear me intermittently when I'm on the phone - they say I am breaking up. My reception seems ok so it must be my phone on its way out.
I'm also aware that people might think it is that they don't want to talk to me so I gave my mum my phone and I called her on it and I can hear for myself that it is crackly and breaking up on the phone.

I was looking at getting a new phone and I love the Samsung s22 ultra but it is SO much money. There are loads of deals for the pixel 6 but there are such mixed reviews. I didn't know what phone people would advise? I need a really good camera for work, an android, and something that is reliable. any advice/deals?
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    I dont want to be harsh but there may be nothing wrong with your phone. Whenever I receive calls from people I do not wish to speak with I quite often say they are breaking up. Try the same callers on someone elses phone sho are with a different provider and see if you get the same response.
    I did think someone may say that but it is my mum and my fiancée and I've tried giving them my phone and calling them on it and I can hear for myself that it is crackly and breaking up
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    Anything bar Samsung dreadful company
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    You've got a 2 year old samsung that has a problem and want to know if you should get a new one?
    time to upgrade i imagine
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    My partner went from galaxy s10e to pixel 6 and regretted it as she had so many issues, most have been fixed now but she still dislikes the phone and can't wait to go back to Samsung, she's forever blaming me as I told her it would be a good upgrade over her s10e and then she had problems making calls for 3 months.
    Best to go try them out in a shop, I had s20,s21 and now s22 and preferred my s21 out of the three phones (edited)
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    Personally I wouldn't go from an S20 to a Pixel 6. I got my mother a Pixel 6 and while yes it's a good device (she went from S10 to it) I don't feel it's as good as what my S20 5G was. The Pixel 6 Pro I would consider though. I ended up going S20 5G > S22 256gb Ultra and the only bad thing I have to say about it, is the weight. Do remember anything after the S20 does not have SD card support if it affects your choice on storage.
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    Owned a Pixel 6 for 2 days, went to S21 then traded it for S22 Ultra. Ergonomics on the Pixel is awful, feels really unbalanced in your hand.
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    If the mic is damaged... Try a Bluetooth headset ?

    I had problems with the mic on my old LG (which could be swapped out and so I got a replacement) and I could tell as worked fine in loudspeaker mode which used a different mic (edited)
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    Pixel 6 is a brilliant phone
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