Found 27th Nov 2017
my understanding is, when i cook, i can keep food in fridge 3 days

if i order takeaway, well a chicken tika pizza, can i keep it in fridge for 3 days

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You can keep it in the fridge as long as you like. Whether or not it would be edible is another story. Personally I would eat pizza three days later if it smelt ok and didn't have green stuff growing on it. In my house pizza never lasts that long. If you are worried, you could always freeze it.

Personally any takeaway pizza should be eaten asap, I wouldn't stick it in the fridge, The chicken might be 3 months old already!.

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the place has good hygiene rating so i am sure it sticks too its food protocols, hence why you see so much food waste even if it is fine

Why would you even want to order a takeaway pizza knowing you might not eat some of it for 3 days?

Just get a smaller one

I've never tried Pizza specifically, but bread generally doesn't like the fridge and will deteriorate faster than if left out. Freezing bread works well though.

i wouldn't risk it. leaving it overnight is the most that i would risk.

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cause i needed to spend over certain amount and it be cool, i Googles it

We always put our leftover pizza in the fridge for the next day, once or twice we've forgotten about it and had two days after ordering it with no detrimental effect.
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