Pizza Express next High Street name to go bust?

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£665 million in debts is an enormous burden for a business to carry, so if you have vouchers it might be a good time to use them, and perhaps avoid buying any for gifts.
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Looking bad although it remains viable due to profits covering interest payments.
Surprise surprise, just when they bring the calzone back to my convenient
Just h👂d it on the 📻 .
Terrible pizza. Frankie & Benny's is another that not great to eat at and in trouble.
Personally I think it’s overpriced and not very nice.
Overpriced and poor tasting, frankly I'm surprised they've lasted this long.
I agree, the food is very poor.
With £5 main meal every week sooner or later this was going to go .
Ones just shut by me.
They better hold off going but till I've had a chance to try the carbonara pizza.
They need to sell a million pizzas at £665 each urgently to be free of the bankers.
AW007907/10/2019 20:05

Just h👂d it on the 📻 .

Why do you write like that, do you not like using real words?
Pesto chicken pasta is lush 👌
Haircut_10007/10/2019 23:28

Why do you write like that, do you not like using real words?

😦 are the emojis for ?
Even with 2-4-1 meerkat meals it's pricey for what it is.
The garlic bread for instance, which is either 4.95 or 5.95, is the same size as my hand...... And my hands are small!

Saying that, i still like their pizzas.
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Prefer Dominoes stuffed crust
i bet pizza hut will be rubbing there hands together
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