pizza hut lunch buffet (help)

hi I was wondering about the lunch time buffet. the last time i visited or it (which was ages ago!) you could help yourself to various pizza's pasta & salad from the buffet bar, but looking at the website now under "how it works" it says "tell us what you want" re the pizza then talks about unlimited salad seperately. does that mean you have to tell the waitress/waiter what pizza you want & only get one kind of pizza & that the pizza is no longer unlimited? can anyone clarify


It's still unlimited Pizza as well, normally four or five different ones at a time.

Same as always, 4 pizzas always getting cooked and to be fair they have 0 taste to them and the dough edges you could make ya own 8inch pizza on them. Salad bar and unlimited drinks which has different flavour syrups like Strawberry, lime and vanilla.

i would like to know the answer to the op question, i rememeber about 20 years ago if you wanted a custom pizza eg tuna and peppers they would make it in the same size you get the buffet pizza and bring it to the table and i could go and eat the buffet pizza aswell but that stopped around that time but from the sounds of it in the "how it works"…et/
it seems like it maybe back can someone confirm?
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