Pizza Hut, Queen st Cardiff

    We went to the above pizza hut today and there was a long line of people waiting to be seated, so after standing there for 30 minutes i went to see what the hold up was...there wasnt a clean table in the place and all the staff standing round doing nothing, i asked to see the manager as the waitress told me tuff you have to wait, i even offered to clean the tables myself! when the manager ( TOM) came along he started shouting at me about being abusive to the staff, when i told him i wasnt he went totally mad, telling me i couldnt talk to him like that ( i was very polite) when i mentioned the long line of people he said we are far to busy to worry about that now and we dont have time to clear the tables,
    I asked for the head office number and he took 10 minute to get it.
    even the kitchen was filthy ( you can see where they make the pizza)
    this restaurant has got to be the worst restaurant i have ever been in
    I have worked in the Restaurant business for over 15 years and i know all about being busy and short staffed .
    I have never had a so called manager speak to me like that before so i will be complaining. we left and went to the pizza hut in St Marys St and there was a total difference in place, polite helpful, happy staff, even the manager was serving ( this should always happen)

    sorry bout the moan but i thought this guy was a total pig:x


    Send him a very stern letter, thats what i would do, and advice others not to eat there and if you feel that the kitchen was not up to scratch give the envornmental people a nice tipoff and see what happens.

    Make sure you CC the store with both the head office and enviromental health complaint. Even better go and give it to him personally and watch him squirm!

    I wouldn't wait more that 5 minutes to be seated at a Pizza Hut. Might have been cool in the 80's but restaurants like this are ten a penny now.
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