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    Im at home today , got sod all in fridge , apart from salmon , which i dont fancy , as i need to do shopping but got to wait in for delivery for an item i ordered.

    Does anyone know what the pasta is like from Pizza hut? how much fat and cals are in it , i cant seem to find the information im after...seems a bit expensive just for pasta though

    Also does it taste nice?


    It's not going to be healthy lol

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    the dandy p;4076148

    It's not going to be healthy lol

    I know its not going to completely be , but i thought the whole point of them bringing out this pasta was its more healthy then pizza? no? is it just the same in fat and cals?

    I want to get some with a side salad

    on the virgin website this morning
    Is wholewheat bread and pasta going to make you thinner? It takes longer to be digested, quelling the hunger pangs you may feel soon after eating. However, brown bread and pasta often contains just as many calories as white bread, if not more.

    Don't go for a creamy white/cheesy sauce on your pasta, go for a tomato based one, it's always going to be better for you, even if you don't know the kcals/fat content.


    "GUYS! HALP!!1

    I don't know what to eat! HALP PLZ!! Wat does food "A" taste liek? Is it nice?! Is food "B" better than food "A"? OMG!! Plz HALP! am hungreee! Will leeve REP. LOLZ!!"
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