PLA or ABS Filament in a Flashforge Finder

Posted 23rd May
I just received a couple of rolls of ABS filament from Amazon. I have only used PLA that came with my Flashforge Finder, which doesn't have a heated bed. What are the shortfalls of using ABS on a non heated bed. I wish I'd bought an ender now but Whats done is done.
Should I send them back or try them first?
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You really need a heated bed with ABS filament because ABS shrinks when cooling. Without a heated bed, the bottom of your print will cool at a different rate and warp.

Yes send them back and stick to PLA, I've got a Prusa and generally use PLA and PETG.

Also with ABS you need a printer enclosure to keep it at a constant temperature.
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Yes, like furbars says, you do need a heated bed capable of reaching 100 degrees, so non heated bed won't work. The print will just lift off the build plate while printing.

An enclosure will help also but not necessarily needed. You can print a shield around the part (basically a raised skirt) which prevents outside fluctuation of temps and air disturbing the print. Failing that, just stick a cardboard box over your printer

Send them back
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