PLACE to get COPY set of ROVER CAR KEYs???? CHEAPEST

    Hi lost my car keys the other wkd but thank god found them!!

    I dont hav a spare set either and discovered that because Rover has gone now and the age of my car i would have to get a whole new set of locks costing £300-£400 more than the car!! loL!!

    Does anyone know where to get a copy of the key and fob i already hav?



    Try your local Rover dealer as they will still keep spare parts

    or EBAY

    You dont say what type of key nor which model either - that might get some more answers

    I did the same thing not long ago with my Fiesta. I got a quote from a Ford garage of £400 to replace all the locks.

    So i looked on the internet and found a man who came round my house and re-programmed my cars ignition and cut me 2 new keys for £150.

    The thing is i found my old key not long after, it will open the door but it wont start the engine.

    I found a local guy to cut and program a new key from our existing key for £35, but quotes varied upto £500, its a case of recommendation or calling all the guys in the book. Where abouts are you, if you give an area someone on here may be able to recommend someone they have used. Good luck,

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys im in liverpool?

    the ignition key just says ROVER on it?

    the fob says
    MPT 1340 W.T.LICENCE EXEMPT? any help?

    Car is a ROVER 316 i think? il ge more info

    THANKS again

    what do i look under in the book

    I think we used Keytek [url][/url] 08000350451 but am not totally sure , may be worth giving them a call, they will give a price etc over the phone.


    North West Key supplies in Bootle are excellent too, if you can get to them, they have a branch inside taskers wavertree if thats nearer.



    says they're auto specialists :thumbsup:

    If your still after - post this message on the forum over on [url][/url]

    it is a forum full of rover and mg enthusiasts as well as ex rover workers, and some do this kind of work and can even do it through the post, worth a shot

    good luck

    Original Poster

    thanks everyone im looking into all the comments and hopefully will get somewhere!!

    il post back my findings!"!
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