Place to get real cheap dvds

Since buying a voucher off ebay ive bought 100 songs on itunes and i wanna back it up but dont have any dvds

My whole song collection and a few of my sisters comes to about 6gb so you will understand my need for backing up

So where on the net can i get.......

CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP DVDs -- only need like 2 lol



I think poundland do a pack of 4 or so, they are poor quality compared to Taiyo Yuden discs though and I wouldn't recommend them for long term storage.

Not on the net, but Superdrug have some good 'clearance deals' at the mo' - I picked up 4 spindles of 25 Samsung Pleomax dvd-r for £2.99 a piece!

They also had 5 pack TDK DVD-r too - I think they were about £1.50 a pop

agree with Barney- i wouldn't truat the poundland ones for archiving!

Daniel, PM me your address and i'll send you a couple of DVD-RW. Easier than you buying a load you won't use. :thumbsup:

5 for £1 @ Poundland

Tesco's do a pack of four in their value range for under £1 - never used them though so no idea of quality.

woolies also do a pack of 4 for 97p. not had any problems with them so far.

Original Poster

Thanks Simon

Can close thread

No probs mate.
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