place to stay in london for 2 weeks in Aug

Found 26th May 2009
Hi guys, I have got work experience with the GLS on the 4th of August till the 14th and they are based in central London (WC2B 4TS).

I live in Derby so will be travelling by train, leaving Monday morning and come back home Friday night, so I need a place to stay till then. The problem I have is that I am a wheelchair user and as far as I am aware you can not get a wheelchair on the underground, which sucks big time.

I could commute everyday but I can find tickets cheaper than £40 return, so I might as well stay a few nights. I would prefer it to be within a 1 ½ mile space of my placement and would appreciate your help if you can help me find any deals.

Ow and I dont need anything fancy, just a place to sleep and wheelchair access.




PS: anyone know how accessible the busses are in London, are they always cramp and if so, is their priority for wheelchair users?


Some stations have wheelchair access.
Also I think almost all busses now are wheelchair friendly. The only problem is you might have trouble getting on during the rush hour.

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Thanks, I have to be their at 9 til 5 and they said maybe afew hours on top a few days so 9-6 ish

That pdf is a map of all the step free access stations on the underground. Take a look at that and plan accordingly.

have you ruled out National Express? they are doing funfares for £5 each way, the website says they carry Disabled, most of their journeys are around 4 hrs so I would not want to travel daily but the coaches are running to suit your hours, more probable is to look at them for your Monday & Friday travelling, it might save a few bob to offset your accommodation.

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thanks, the thing is that coaches have lifts in them which carry the wheelchairs up very slowly and I just dont like to travel in a bus for so long.

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might stay in a hostel, cost around £30 pn. you guys got any cheap places that you know?

You could try contacting a University near your work place. Many of the city universities become make shift hostels for the summer as the students are away and they want to maximise income. They are usually quite cheap. I did this when I stayed in Canada last year and saved a fortune.

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thanks, will try that, just checked yha, rooms are around £25

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anyone know of any deals regarding accommodation
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