Places on the highstreet tioo buy a SUPERMAN t-shirt

    Im in a bit of a bind and i've been roped into playing a Teachers (Heroes) vs Students (Villans) charity football match at the last minute.

    Now i have no superhero costume, however was thinking about donning an old suit and going as Clark Kent. However this would require a superman t-shirt.

    is there anywhere i can definitely get one on the high street?


    Blue inc... Topman? Try places like that... Most likely to have them

    just try the likes of topman next burton etc, maybe even try tescos i saw some not too long ago at my local one

    Urban Outtfitters has one if you have a shop close to you but its £30

    £10 in HMV

    Original Poster

    balls i have no HMV in weston-super-mare. any other ideas?


    balls i have no HMV in weston-super-mare. any other ideas?

    Fly to Bristol faster than a bullet. :whistling:

    asda tesco

    deal request. reported


    deal request. reported


    Tesco have superman hoodie for £16.

    dont argos do superhereo outfits?not sure but i think they mite...


    Agreed with the Urban Outfitters one.

    It's a Junk Food tee, costs £30 but is fitted so if you're chunky, walk on by.

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    Tesco have the superman t-shirt reduced.
    Had plenty left in my local extra last w/e


    Yeah Tesco do have them, my boyfriend bought one......and a baywatch t shirt haha
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