Places To Buy Chewing Gum Online

Found 30th May 2008

Do any of you know if there are any online chewing gum shops around



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WHY? prey tell? Errr? ?? Nah - SURELY?? The normal sweetie shops must sell it? OrTesco, Sainburys etc? ....

Sumfin sticky goin on here...

google it fella...

can't find a shop for chewing gum online well i found one but all sold out :-S

Id doubt any online dealers could match the usual gum prices you see in stores like Home Bargains

Maybe he wants american gum, like BIG RED. yummy cinammon

You cant get that in a newsagents.
In fact Id love to find a site that sells the LIFESAVERS sweets that you get in america. They are lush

LOL. why do ya wanna buy gum online, ya nutter
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