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I'm going to London for 3 days in June, I have never been before and was wondering if anyone could recommend any places to go/visit?

Is Madame Tussauds worth a visit?

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I went in my 1st year of uni and did EVERYTHING- Madam Tussards, london eye, aquarium, theatres, galleries etc, was good because I can go now for a day and not have to think about doing the tourist things cos I've been there, done that kind of thing.

I enjoyed Madam T's, theres a slipway at the end where you can go around the whole building again and we did that-saw loads we'd missed the first time, and did have fun. Spend time there, don't rush cos its pricey!

Have you got any Tesco vouchers? They can be exchanged through clubcard deals for free entry tickets etc-might be worth looking into?

I enjoy art and love tate modern- did not enjoy tate britain so much. Worked at the National Gallery for a while and love the art there but it's much older.

Theatres are excellent, try the box office on the day for cheap seats- we were told to return to the Picadilly theatre (Grease) at 6pm and got on 4th row in the stalls for £10 each. excellent. Been to see most of the shows and love them all.

Oxford street is good if you have money- as it's mostly flagship stores they can be pricey, but fashion etc can be bought there weeks and months before it hits national stores.

Google if there are any movie premieres in Leicester Sq, you could catch a celeb!

Enjoy your time there!

what are you into?

they say in london you can be as famous or anonymous as you want, which explains why celebs from everywhere else love the 'no one cares in london' attitude and they dont get crazy papparazzi like they do in the states.

if you can, get a London Timeout magazine for that week and see what's happening. June is a good time, plenty of art exhib, weather is usually warmer and longer hours too.

I went to London for the first time in December, didn't get to do much but managed to go to Tussauds, was about £25 in. It's one of them things you kind of have to do...but it wasn't all that great if I'm honest.

Plenty of ideas ]here and 2 for 1 if you travel by train. Just print of the vouchers first. Dead easy and they rarely ask to see your train tickets so just blag it even if you don't have tickets.

I'd recommend the London Aquarium and the London Dungeon (bit grizzly for some though)

For free, just wander around Westminster - Houses of Parliament, Downing St, Buck Palace, St James Park then up to Trafalgar Sq, Leicester Sq, National Gallery. Regent & Oxford St., Soho etc Loads to do and see all within walking distance.

Don't talk to strangers and don't drink the water :-D

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Thanks for your replies so far, Will take a look at some of the suggested places

How many are going, what sort of age ranges would be useful.

Are you on a budget or ready to spend?

Original Poster

4 of us, 21/22 58/59

Not on any budget at all.

Does anyone know if bus fairs are reasonable as it seem's it would be the best option from going to and from places


4 of us, 21/22 58/59 :)Not on any budget at all.Does anyone know if bus … 4 of us, 21/22 58/59 :)Not on any budget at all.Does anyone know if bus fairs are reasonable as it seem's it would be the best option from going to and from places

Probably best to look into day(s) passes if you are going to hop on and off buses/underground a lot
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