placing trainers in the wash

Found 21st Apr
I placed suede running shoes in the wash, they were tumble dried now the soles have gone all funny. Is there a way of making this situation better, or do I have to buy a new pair
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Suede, water & heat. Oh dear.....
I wash trainers in the washer, wouldn't put them in the drier though! Don't know if you can come back from that especially suede. Might have to put it down as a lesson learned and get another pair. Good luck
I think you are stuck with them like that. Should have let them dry naturally, plastic and heat don't go together well!
Trainers in the washer a bad idea time for a new pair I guess
Do you mean the soles/shoe have curled up. If it's just that wearing them for a few days might help.
Post a pic! Sounds like a bad combination though. Wouldn’t have put suede in
You suede have known better sorry couldn't help myself
I wash normal leather trainers in the machine, not tried suede personally but I would never put them in the tumble dryer Let them dry in their own time (I usually pop mine in the airing cupboard)
Sounds like yours are dead I'm afraid
adamderak4 h, 31 m ago

You suede have known better sorry couldn't help myself

Two 'crying with laughter' emojis? Really?
Trainers in the tumble dryer
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craigstephens3 h, 10 m ago

Two 'crying with laughter' emojis? Really?

Suede I have added 3 crying with laughter emojis.
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