Plain Round Neck Jumpers

    hi, seeing as winter is coming, i am looking for some plain round neck jumpers, plain meaning theres no design on them, does anyway know where i can get these type of jumpers?

    i need various colours like navy blue, black, yellow, red, green etc because i'm gonna buy quite a few

    and cheap if possible around £5

    please help

    Thank You


    I am guessing the likes of Debenhams / BHS / M&S would get you some decent quality Wool ones. However, not sure of prices!…asp

    1st place that comes to mind with same item in lots of colours is here.Most of the items are unisex,cos I don't know if you m or f. As you say you wanting them for £5,well you lucky to get childrens ones for £5 cos I know about prices of school ones in such places as BHS,M&S etc.
    For £5 each try places like QS,maybe called Studio21 or something like that now as ours as changed from Bewise to QS to this name,Primark,Peacocks and try in Tescos as they do Value Clothing.
    For online possibly try eBay and check here as their stock changes all time.…asp

    I know of a few other low price sites but can't think at minute as had morning school run and I need to do breakfast 4 myself now then I'll think better.…ge=

    and full price…ge=

    Is going be hard to get jumpers all different colours unless you go to main stores like this,fashion stores might not have colour ranges as they sticking to this seasons colours and the lower priced high street shops generally sell a few basic colours. I'm presuming now you are male.

    Actually I totally forgot what I was looking for and went and stuck in links for V Neck ones,but same sentence applies.
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