Plane crashes into New York river

    A US Airways Airbus A320 passenger plane carrying 135 people has crashed into the Hudson River in New York, the Federal Aviation Administration says.

    Rescue boats and ferries are alongside the plane attempting to pick up people standing on both of the plane's wings.

    The plane, which the FAA said was flight 1549 from LaGuardia Airport to Charlotte, is partially submerged.

    It is not known how the plane came to land in the river, but the FAA said it might have been due to a bird strike.



    bird strike ?

    not unknown

    The plane could well stall as a result of a bird strike and have a heavy water landing.

    Either that or we're seeing yet another case of a plane ending up in the water after taking off from LaGuardia.

    Bloddy trolley dolly's who do they think they are!

    Original Poster Banned

    Ermmmm..... Shhhhhhhhhh.



    Dont get all Tetchy fella, just trying to inject some humour into a **** day!

    Humour didn't harm anybody and there are no reports of fatality's, get over yourself!

    watching it on skynews, pretty miraculous

    Amazingly sounds like everyone got out.

    Oceanic airlines Flight: 815.

    bird strike ? does that mean they stopped flapping their wings 'cos they wanted more pay !


    maaannn i was working at a building on maiden lane... (faces hudson) for 10 weeks and nothing happened!!!


    Oceanic airlines Flight: 815.

    I think that might have been LOST on quite a few people. :whistling:

    it wa snearly a year ago that the 777 crashed at heathrow!
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