Planning a route with several stops - least mileage

    I need to work out the shortest route from my home to approx 8 postcodes and back to my home. I know RAC/AA routeplanner allows you to add vias but you have to work out the shortest way round yourself. I need something that will work out the shortest route for me if i input start and finish points and the points in between. Does any one know of a programme or website that will do this please


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    thanks - can we find one for free now please???????

    Here we go. Complete with speed cameras…jsp

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    nope that doesnt work - I still have to work out the best route myself and put destinations in in the right order to get to the shortest distance. i want one to calculate the optimum distance for me

    This is normally where a Sat Nav unit comes in handy............................

    Apart from the AA/RAC, I can't think of any other good ones.

    If this is a one off, then PM me your post codes, I'll sort them for you.

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    thanks for the offer Stora but its something I do quite often and not always to the same places. I also have to work out the ones ive already done to put in mileage claims to the tax man. I think i sort of remember which way I went but if I could find a solution it would certainly help me in the future. at the moment i resort to aa/rac and then the map book!
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