Planning to get a composite front door - any advice?

    We are planning to replace our front door with a new composite one. My husband is disabled so we are thinking of getting a keyless entry system which would allow him to get in more easily and also save him having to get to the door to let in regular visitors. Can anyone recommend a good company (or warn of dreadful ones!).
    Many thanks



    Avoid safestyle

    I was reading up about doors recently,even though they say composite doors are low maintenance etc I've read many stories online about the colours fading and the doors cracking.

    From what I have read, Rockdoors are the ones to to go for.

    But like everything else I'm sure everyone has their own experiences and there will be pros & cons.

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    Hmm, interesting, I hadn't heard of Rockdoor before so I'll have a look at them. Thanks. Safestyle do seem to have mixed reviews but then many of the companies do which is why I'm getting so confused!
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    Not sure if you have one local and if they can help but try The Disabilities Living Centre

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    Thanks for the idea of the Disabilities Living Centres. Unfortunately, there is not one near us. I have rung them but it seems they are only able to advise on very specific items designed specifically for disabled people, not on more general things. Thanks for the idea though, I may have a chat with our specialist nurse to see if she can advise.

    Try clear view for Rock doors.
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