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Posted 24th Apr
With the lockdown i've been spending more time than ever in the garden. I need some help in what i'm doing with some plants/weeds as in, are they plants or weeds. Should i dig them up or leave them in.

Can anyone recommend a free phone app that can identify is it a plant or a weed?
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B & Q gardens app!
PizzaandChips24/04/2020 21:37

B & Q gardens app!

Thanks but I don’t think it’s available anymore.
I’ve looked ant can’t see it.
Google lens is pretty good at identifying flowers. It struggles a bit more if there is just leaves.
It's only a weed if you don't want it where it's growing.
There are some beautiful "weeds".
If you like it, it's a plant.
For me I tolerate most plants that flower (not your obvious weeds like dandelions, etc.) providing it doesn't grow and expand too much.
Try the iNaturalist app on Android here. It works really well on all plants and has helped me to work out what should stay in my garden.
There is a site called 'The Tortoise Table', obviously this is for seeing which weeds and plants are/aren't edible for tortoises, but it does however have clear photographs which will help with id'ing. You can then look at eg the RHS site for care information etc.
PlantNet app for Android.
thanks to everyone for the responses.

Yes, i agree with many that weeds are plants however not all weeds are welcome and i'd just like to know more before i dig plants/weeds out.

I'm on Apple and I've downloaded inaturalist and will give that a go.

I've looked at Plantsnap but that is chargable so i'll give that a miss.

The Tortoise is an interesting site in itself.
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