Plant pots

    Three months ago I purchased a 12ft x 8ft greenhouse for £750.

    Two months ago I finished building it. I also planted seeds.

    Now I'm overrun with about 60 tomato plants, 4 pumkins, umpteen sunflowers, marigolds, peas and all sorts of other things.

    The problem is... they're all in seed trays. And I have run out of plant pots. Is there anywhere where I can buy plastic plant pots dirt cheap? Thanks.


    Ask at your local Garden centre - they sell used pots cheap!

    ebay have few lots for under a tenner for 50+ pots


    Ducky, does this mean we are going to start seeing your home grown produce in FS/FT?

    You growing anything else in there?

    Here's a tip for "rolling your own"...LOL…htm

    Roll Your Own - Flowerpots!

    You will need:

    sheets of newspaper - try to find sheets that are mainly black & white as there may be chemical problems with coloured inks, although most now are vegetable based.
    2 straight-sided cylindrical containers, one slightly bigger than the other so that they will "nest". I use a child's acrylic glass for the inside one and a clean empty catfood tin for the outside. Take a full sheet of tabloid newspaper, i.e. 2 pages, and fold in half lengthways, giving you a rectangle slightly smaller than a sheet of A4, four thicknesses. Place the open end of the larger container on the longer side of the newspaper rectangle about one-third of the way across, then roll the newspaper tightly round, forming a cylinder. becomes

    Tuck the top end gently down into the can, then push the smaller container down into it, ramming & twisting it home, then remove. Wriggle the pot gently off the container. Now you have your basic pot! They do keep their shape, even wet, and can simply be planted out with their contents, although I always tear the top down to level with the ground surface so as not to cause "wicking", where the exposed wet paper evaporates all the moisture up into the air & deprives the plant of water. You can easily make different sizes by varying the size of the containers & paper used, or even buy an inexpensive kit to do it for you.

    Back to Cut The Cost.

    © Copyright: Angela Corbet, 2001.

    try You will probably be able to pick up some free ones and local to you. PS where are you located?

    a couple years ago i got 10 or 15 for £1.99

    Check ur local Poundland or 99p Store duck

    Also, tesco have medium sized pots for 50p each.

    I found a great tip on the MSE forums where ASDA, CO-OP, etc give away the black tubs they use for storing the cut flowers in. Went up to my local ASDA and the lady at customer services was only too happy to give me them. Walked away with 13 for no cost!

    And the day got better as when I was talking to the guy who sits next to me at work it turns out his brother owns 2 Interflora shops and would be only too happy to get rid of loads of these!!

    Result - instant veg garden without destroying the kids mud patch out the back!!
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