Plants for an east facing border?

Found 1st Mar 2009
I don't recall seeing any gardening questions on here but surely there must be loads of experts happy to share....We have a narrow - about 2 foot - east facing border with a six foot high panel fence behind it. Any suggestions for plants would be appreciated - particularly things that I can plant and then just leave to get on with it!
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Try ]Crocus. They have a plant finder on there.
How about lemon verbena , jasmine and maybe some mint.
We have a huge monstrosity of a shed at the end of our garden. I was planning on taking it out, but its brick built and would take workmen and I hate having strangers round the home, with all the kids. Anyway, a few years ago I planted a small ivy plant near the wall. Without any trellising or encouragement it now covers the ENTIRETY of the shed! Certainly ivy would climb up your panel fence and create some greenery and hight to your border. Passion fruit garlands do also. Jamine grows at a rate in our garden and winter jasmine is lovely as it flowers in winter. Summer jasmine gives off that gorgeous scent. Plant some daffs and hyacinths for immediate spring colour. I love it when the spring flowers break out

They say that he who gardens has hope in his heart.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for these ideas, I really like the idea of jasmine and hadn't thought of that, I remember we had it in the garden when I was a child and the scent in the evenings was lovely. :thumbsup:

They say that he who gardens has hope in his heart.

that made me smile
Once you have planted bulbs and seeds, you cannot wait to see them grow and flourish so it gives you a new reason to wake up in the morning. There have been times when I've had to seek out those reasons. Gardening helps
Japanese Honeysuckle or chili plants might be good as well. Its amazing how cheap those plants are on that site that Goonieman posted.
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