plasma advice?

    basically we have a 42 inch plasma from currys and took out a whateverhappens plan!
    had to phone them a couple of weeks ago as it would not turn on, so they came out and sorted it (not straightforward though had to get a part and another guy and come back) anyway since they sorted it we have had green and pink going through the colour sometimes together other times separate and constant like green fuzz/dots hard to explain! is it on the way out do you think? thanks in advance for any comments shazx


    ring them back up. Tell them it's only since they did the repair, so need to come out & fix it free of charge!

    first test - are you watching tele through a sky box, pvr, video rec, if so if could simply be a slighty loose cable and i would recomend taking the cables right out and putting them in again.

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    hubby tried the cables and stuff and has already told me to phone them! i thought it might settle

    call them and keep a diary of when you called, who you spoke to and when they came out and what they did including the first 'fix'. If they get a bit stroppy you'll have all the info to hand which forces them to help.

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    thanks everyone for your help

    Sounds like the power boards up the creek. Quite common on plasma tv's.



    Sounds like the power boards up the creek. Quite common on plasma tv's.

    That or it needs a gas refill! :w00t:


    That or it needs a gas refill! :w00t:

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