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Found 6th May 2010

Can someone please advice what Plasma / LCD i should get.
My dad just bought Sky HD, but got an old skool tv.!
He is after 32-37 inch plasma / lcd, i think 37inch would be better.
Does it have to be full HD, or is HD ready sufficient?
Looking to spend 300-450.

Any advice would be great!




Oh man, where to begin.
We have two 32" LCD TV's. One is a bottom of the range Sony Bravia and the other is a top of the range Bravia.
The cheaper one is 720p and the best one is 1080p and when watching Blu-Rays or playing WipeoutHD on the PS3 you can tell the difference. Very slight, but it is noticable.
If your dad wants rid of his old skool TV sony are currently doing the trade in on any old TV, I think if you're buying a 37"TV you get £100 trade in for any old TV, it can be a portable black and white. However even with the trade in you may still be able to get a similar featured TV for less. My parents, both in their 70's recently got a 1080p Samsung for less than £350 and its superb.
Just keep an eye on HUKD there's usually either a good TV deal every week or a good voucher code you can use. Have a look around Curry's/Comet/SonyCentre/Panasonic shop and see the TV's in action, preferably when they're hooked upto a HD source, note the model numbers down and then look online. Our 1080p was £999 in the SonyCentre, but we got it for £612 from Electrical123.
SkyHD broadcasts in 1080i so 1080p isn't entirely necessary. FullHD TV's are always 1080p, whereas HDReady can be 1080p or 720p. look for these labels ]http//en…ady
Other than that, good luck matey.

there was a post up recently bout a sharp 32" LED for bout £380, think it was getting john lewsi to price match best buy, then youd get a 5yr warranty aswell, seemed like a great deal but might be region specific as i have never price matched with john lewis to know,

main things when buying a tv, what you going to be using it for most? and what setting is it going to be in? distance and brightness of the room etc,

watching mainly sports Hz could be important, watching blue rays in a dark setting plasmas are better, bright rooms you want an LCD, full HD will matter most on 1080p outputs primarilly games consoles and blu rays, though if your not sat too close to a screen this size you will really struggle to notice the difference,

my best advice is start with reevoo.com gives great consumer reviews to guide you on a decent set and works really well as a basic comparison for a price guide

50" LG plasma at bestbuy in london. A bit out of that price range at 500.

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Thanks for the advice guys..
I may look to get this one :



a tv that gets really good reviews tbh, the only thing with these lower spec LGs is the depth of the blacks, but for the price its a bargain really, i nearly bought the 42" version a while back, worth noting that the usb prot can be hacked on these to allow you divX playback and stuff, shame you missed out on the bank holiday cause they reduced it to 299 for the weekend
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