Plasma/ LCD TV Package Deals??

    I'm looking to see if there are any good deals that anyone might know of to buy a TV package deal. Ideally, would like the following:

    37" to 42" TV (plasma or LCD??)
    Surround Sound System (5.1)
    Glass Stand

    If anyone knows of anything, I would appreciate it if you could let me know. Not a great deal of knowlegde on what is the best to buy, but looking to buy pretty quickly if possible.

    Thank you and all for your help!!!!!!


    How much are you looking to spend?

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    Thanks sootyvrs.

    I had noticed that you were a big fan of your purchase!

    Am really looking for a package deal though- including a stand and surround system/ dvd player.

    Thanks again.

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    How much are you looking to spend?


    Looking to spend about £750. But defo no more than £1000.

    You know of anything out there?

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    Thanks for that- had noticed you are a big fam of your purchase. Wouldn't be adverse to getting a Panasonic plasma, but keen to try and buy a package inlcuding stand and surround sound/ dvd if possible.


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    Someone out there.....please help!!!!!!!!


    ColLooking to spend about £750. But defo no more than £1000. You know of a … ColLooking to spend about £750. But defo no more than £1000. You know of anything out there?

    I would recommend you order a Panasonic 42PX70 from John Lewis which comes with a 5 year warranty. Check your nearest John Lewis store and if they are charging more than £699 check John Lewis Cheadle as its available to order from there at £699.

    Then you need to add a cabinet stand/table top stand/ or Wall bracket?

    No idea about the speaker system


    P.S I got a Panasonic 50PX70 plus Panasonic Cabinet Stand

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    Thanks Col.

    An actual glass stand is what I'm after- otherwise the TV will have to sit on the floor, haha!

    Wanted a surorund sound system, or good DVD system so that I could play my CDs through it- and maybe even radio.

    What about this deal with Dixons:…id=

    Esp. when you use Quidco- seems good deal all in?

    Not sure but at a quick glance that TV is only £530 at empire direct.

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    tried emailing empire direct to see if they could put anything together for me (package wise), but no email reply as yet. For £720, plus 3% quidco I reckon this dixons deal is decent value. Certain best package deal for a 37" i can find unless I buy LG or something else).

    I note you say that this TV is only £530 on empire direct, but add surround system and stand and your at £720 easily surely? :?:?
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