Plasma Or LCD???

Found 16th Mar 2007
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LCD of
Go into comet/dixons etc and judge for yourself.
plasma for me :-D
Can see this ending up rather heated - both have pros and cons, I personally like plasma for the greater colours and the contrast ratio, but LCD's are cheaper on the whole (even 1080p sets).
depends what size your looking for, and what level of high definition you want if any bearing in mind 1080p broadcasts won't be a long time yet.
LCD - supposed to last a little longer.
Panasonic commissioned research simply presented here

"Our belief – backed by independent research – is that plasma is the best for 37 inch and higher, for various reasons outlined throughout this site."
It's no secret that I have a 'preference' for Plasma these days as the issues that concerned me in the past have been ironed out. There are loads of good LCD screens though and of course you don't find Plasma screens under 37".
I find that on the large screens you have to spend a lot more on an LCD to get a picture which matches Plasma quality. Reasons being the difficulty in achieving blacks and natural colours with LCD.
Hope this helps...…tml

Although most debates usually end up in the same conclusion: It's whatever floats your boat.
I've got a 42" plasma, had it for nearly a year, there wasn't an LCD option when I bought but after seeing HD programmes on mine now, LCD will have to be something extra special to beat it.
Its for my bedroom so anything over 32" would be too big.

I have just read a post on this thread that there are no plasmas smaller than 37" so that rules out a plasma.

Is this tv any good? Pity it wasnt in silver.

If anyone can find one in silver or a 322 tv as good for around the same price i would be very grateful. Thanks for any help…-AO

HD ready (480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p and 1080i supported) (Sky HD Approved + Xbox HD Ready)
- 1366 x 768 Optimum Resolution
- 1200:1 Contrast Ratio
- Viewing Angle 176° horizontal, 176° vertical
- 8ms Response Time
- 500 cd/m2 Brightness
- One HDMI
- One Composite
- One S-Video
- One Component (Y/Pb/Pr)
- Nicam A2 Sound System
- 2 x 10w Speaker System
- Remote Control
- 2 Years Collect and Drop Warranty

Is this tv any good?

Here are 24 pages of discussion about this particular set.

People seem impressed overall, but cheesed off with the set insisting on starting with a 4:3 ratio picture each time instead of widescreen.

Go into comet/dixons etc and judge for yourself.

i was in pcworld, comet and currys today to look at small lcd tvs, loads of them have a fuzzy picture, they aren't anything to do with the tv are they? i thought it cud be the aerial.
If you are looking to buy try to check out when a football game is on or when it is dusk on a programme. A friend of mine just got one (LCD 32 inch I think)and she is not impressed. The footballers look fuzzy, and her LCD really doesnt like the darker colours. It is a newer screen type not one of the old ones and the resolution is of HD standard.
The world of flat screen tech is definitely a tough one. I've not been impressed by the picture on several sets that friends have bought and they've been brands like Samsung, Toshiba and Philips. In fact on a price/picture ratio the 32" Techwood from Woolworths almost seemed a better buy by comparison!

You really do have to make a shortlist then check these sets out for yourself. But even then they're rarely calibrated to optimum settings instore. Of course this poses a problem when buying online...
plasma - NATCH lol.
I have an LCD Sony Bravia, you can view it from almost any angle (except from the back) and the picture is perfect. There's a lot of plasma owners who are very defensive about their tv's as people believe they suffer burn in, use a lot of electricity and do not last long.

While that was true the latest plasma tvs are supposed to have cleaned up their image (pun intended) and so have LCD's. I think in many ways now it is just a personal preference as there is little to choose between either of them, although plasma owners will still bleat on like 5 year olds that their picture is better than yours.

Go to a shop and look.

although plasma owners will still bleat on like 5 year olds that their … although plasma owners will still bleat on like 5 year olds that their picture is better than yours.

Not all Plasma owners...

I've had my Sony KEP37M1S for a year and a half, and that suffered what seemed to a fault with the matrix of the screen on a horizontal line, which also affected other lines just before the warranty ran out.

Took over 3 months to get it repaired. 1st Service Centre said it was a modification that was needed, but when it was returned, same problem - they then advised it was opened and the modification was already there and the TV was not faulty (after 2-3 weeks of 'testing' and telling me it needed a modification?), so I sent them on their way straight after and went to another Service Centre who found the fault and ordered replacement screen.

Screen took ages to come, but now is working fine.

Just be wary, they might be nice when they're working, but if something goes wrong, don't expect a lot of help from the manufacturers or their 'authorised' repair centres.

Everyone else who have seen it think it is a clear and fantastic picture, which don't get me wrong, it is nice, but after the repair experience it has put me off shelling out for another (although I prob will when it kicks the bucket).
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