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    Slightly late (as the World Cup has already started), my wife has decided that we could do with having a plasma tv - which means we actually will get one (it was a different story when i thought we should have one )

    Forgive any stupidity, but yes this is my first post - i can normally be found trawling dvd reviewer's 'bargain bucket' forum, but here goes.

    Can anyone help me find (or recommend) a large (around 40") plasma tv, for around £1000 (preferably less, but i think this is something where 'you get what you pay for' rings true). As many bells and whistles as possible would be good, as would interest free credit, but thats not over important :wink:

    I've heard good and bad things about plasma and understand lcd is a good alternative, so any hints, tips or tricks would be handy to stop any potential in-store cowboys ripping me off.

    Thanks guys and heres to the start of a beautiful friendship :oops:


    Quite a lot of information and conflicting views. Suggest you head over to and have a good read.

    I have had a Panasonic plasma for a couple of years now and I'm more than happy


    I've researched this topic numerous times & have come to the follownig concluision....

    You wont get a good Plasma for £1k - you will need to spend around £1400 min to get a good HD one.

    LCD are better than plasma's in so many ways. The only downside is the price. The 32" HD LCD's are around £900+, you can probably pick up a 32" non HD LCD for about £500-600

    Why not consider a DLP TV ?

    I bought one a few weeks ago & it's the best thing O've bought for years. Watching the World Cup on a 50" HD tv in your own living room is fantastic - and so is the price.

    I think mine cost around £950 (Sagem 50"), plus it is quite thin & very light & looks fantastic !

    It's up to you at the end of the day, but if you want quality, your best getting a good 32" LCD or a 50" DLP.

    Good Luck mate !

    Can't comment on the tv thing, but welcome to aboard trio_uk,
    xx fizzie xx

    Plasma's are going to dissapear soon as the insurance is too high to protect it from the pixels buring.

    Just bought a Samsung LCD rear projection and its sweet!!! ... smaller than our 50" LCD rear projection but still very good.

    Like I said earilier, you're going to get a lot of conflicting opinions, but best to have a demonstration before committing money.

    One thing to correct, pixel burnout on plasma tv's is a myth. A problem on 1st generation plasma's, but the likes of Panasonic are on the 8th generation! A plasma has a half life of about 50000 hours, at which time brightness will be half the original. So a good 20 years plus of normal viewing, so I don't think you'll have much too worry about


    I have a 42" Panasonic plasma tv with built in freeview & i must say im very happy with it, i did look @ lcd but i liked the quality of plasma better.

    Best pop down to Currys & check them out & buy online.
    This is where i got mine…tml
    my brother go hius from here with 5yr warranty…t=0

    hope this is of some help.
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