Plasma tv with Xbox 360 and PS3


    I currently have a Toshiba 32WLT66 and have owned it since last October. The size of the set is 32" and I feel its time to get a bigger set but dont want to spend loads as I am selling the Tosh to my sister for £300ish.

    I have found this set which is 42"…I5P

    and I can get it for £588 delivered but was wandering will it be ok for the Xbox 360 and PS3 as it is a Plasma. My two previous sets have been LCD and just wanted to know do Plasmas still have burn in issues and low life spans as they had a few years back or are they ok now. Thanks guys.:thumbsup:


    I would touch Phillips with a barge pole my self, I have a great Pinoneer 43" plasma, flawless. Then again I am tha dwag

    whats your budget?

    Original Poster

    Well to be honest £600 really.

    oh okay, i will see what i can find as I am going to eat now. You can get burns on Plasmas, but for the first 200hours of so just leave the contrast low then you should be fine.

    IMO if you buying a TV over the size of 36" you should go for plasma.

    Try the AV fourms mate they give you much better advise, as for me im off to eat.
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