Plastic beach spades wanted

    I am looking for some plastic beach spades for a project i am working on and am having difficulty finding them.
    I am wanting them to be about 30cm tall and I am looking for about 80 of them.
    If anyone can help me I would be very grateful.
    Thank you very much in advance


    thats a awfully lot of spades you need
    have you tried a wholesalers?

    Ebay 12 for £10.00 inc postage which aint cheap but may have loads wants to get rid off.

    we got the boy one from ikea had loads of colours soz cannot remember exact cost but couldnt of been 2 expensive as would of told him to put it back been as it was february lol

    Original Poster

    Thank you all very much, thats given me a really good start!
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