Plastic Coated Tablecloths...

    Anyone know the best place to get them? I need one for my dining room table so the kids don;t ruin the table when sticking and painting.

    Cheers all



    ikea do it by the metre - not online though -

    My mum and dad bought me a huge plastic sheet for dinning room tables from betterware. Makro do them for party's too on a roll so if it goes mank you can just roll out a new one lol x

    we got ours from a garden centre?

    wheelie bin black sacks work just as good or newspaper

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    Thanks for the replies guys, rep for all! The type we want is one with a pattern on that will look good all the time.:thumbsup:

    A cheap shower curtain works well or Dunelm Mills had some cheap, nice wipe able table cloths.

    quick google:…tml

    themed (although i think you meant retro)…tml

    Hula Girl Printed Plastic Tablecover
    137cm x 274cm £3.25

    Camouflage Plastic Tablecover
    137cm x 274cm £2.90

    Sold Single
    Pirate Treasure Oblong Plastic Tablecover £2.99
    Size: 274cms (108inches) length x 137cms (54inches) width.

    try john lewis they sell by metre

    My mum gets hers at the local markets

    JML also do 'pretty' ones. Sell them in Asda, Robert Dyas and on-line.

    Try Richard Haworth.

    I`ve had lots of stuff from them with no probs whatever. Good quality and price. I`ve had towels, tablecloths, runners, napkins etc.

    I know a some of the hotel chains use there stuff aswell.

    Other than that, my mother has been on the phone yesterday raving about a new all singing all dancing JML table protector she just bought. Don`t know where she got it or how much, but knowing my mother and JML it wouldn`t have been expensive. :thumbsup::-D

    Just had a quick peek on my link and came across this. Don`t know if its what your after though. They have various sizes etc.

    i bought mine from local market loads of patterns and colours to choose from prices varied but most was £2.99 a metre
    also check material shops because my local shop also sell these but their prices start from £5.99 a metre
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