plastic pinball toy for childish adult

    I am after a plastic pinball game they sell them currently in most toy shops for £10-£20 and it's often the same game rebranded as Avengers/minion/turtles etc. Issue is as its for a fun loving childish adult it has to be a bit more complex/challenging ideally. The ones previously mentioned have two flippers and abut 3 mushroom things to bounce off and a basic scoring board. I have seen in the past years bigger versions with ramps would be manufactured and sold by Tesco and boots, they were free standing on legs (for example Simpsons pinball). I have looked on every toy website and every other store selling novelty gifts but no-one produces these bigger free standing versions. I have seen 2 second hand but want new and they are no where near me. I know some stores sell something called Star Galaxy which is basically a slightly small naffer version of a real slot machine for £400 but that is over kill.

    If anyone sees a large plastic pinball machine for sale can you let me know

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